The one and only software you need
to treat dental sleep patients

Tired of too many
software tools?

Replace them all with Restfull, the only
A-to-Z solution for sleep dentists.

Increase Billing Acceptance

Ensure your team completes and documents the required step-by-step process so you get paid.

Digital Patient CRM Platform

From online forms to electronic bill pay, our patient CRM platform makes communication easy.

network Empower Your

Automatically write doctor letters and track and manage your referral network.

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Our Mission

We know the struggles dentists face in treating sleep apnea patients without a streamlined system. Our mission? To uncomplicate your life with an all-in-one software solution. From A to Z, our full suite software covers everything you need for dental sleep success.

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Most Popular Features

Telemedicine Portal

Office Role Management

Tracking and Reporting

MD letters and correspondence

Automated Patient Communications

Training and Coaching Platform

A-to-Z Open Billing Process

Digital General Ledger

One-Click Sleep Test Orders

Automated SOAP Notes

Digital Patient Forms

Digital Referral Management

What is your most important feature? Get in touch and let us know!

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